Attacks on Jewish Centers

Raylin Pellatt

January 2017 brought reoccurring incidents of bomb threats being called into the police targeting a range of Jewish centers, some almost 500 miles apart.  These calls were from an anonymous source, although all different voices. These calls were made during a very busy time for the centers and were made to local police stations saying there were bombs in these locations. Centers were evacuated and were deemed safe to return to several hours later. The police are still searching for the ones who made the phone call, and it is left to be determined if it is hate groups, terrorists groups, or someone unaffiliated.

Luckily, no one was hurt from these calls but it shows the normalizations of hatred against minority groups in our current political climate and these actions being deemed okay by members of hate groups, specifically the alt-right. With both antisemitism and gun violence in America rising, these threats reflect the division in our country today and the decreasing sense of security for minority citizens. Calling in these threats might not have resulted in an attack this time, but targeting minorities is a reoccurring theme in America, along with the rest of the world, and proving to be a more dangerous place to live for everyone. With this kind of negative rhetoric in the United States, these negative and disgusting events will continue until there is a significant change in the way the United States focuses on all of its citizens.

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