Record Setting UK Anti-Semitism

UK antisemitism

On February 2 2017, BBC news posted a story remarking that the UK had seen a record setting number of anti-semitic incidents in history. These incidents of anti-semitism can be graffiti, damage to property, social media attacks, or physical assaults. In 2016, the Community Security Trust (CST), who monitor anti-semitism, recorded 1,309 incidents, topping the former high of 1,182 in 2014. The two most heavily jewish populated cities, London and Manchester, were plagued with having nearly three quarters of all of those incidents. It is unknown if this record setting number is because of increased boldness from anti-semites, or because of a higher inclination for people to report such incidents.

The United Kingdom has seen unprecedented amounts of anti-semitic incidents in 2016. With luck, that number will sharply decrease for 2017. It is hard to say whether or not this record setting number is because of certain social climates or because of an increased empowerment of racial and anti-semitic bigots. Unfortunately, the highest frequency of these incidents occurred in the two most heavily jewish populated cities. Anti-semites really want to hit the jewish where they are and where it hurts. UK synagogues have been desecrated. Jewish people have been physically attacked in public. Graffiti scatters the storefronts and cars of jewish areas. Throughout social media anti-semites hide behind a keyboard and unleash their hatred upon their audience. Acts of anti-semitism such as these are characteristic for jew haters in this century and former ones. Graffiti and damaging jewish property have been the norm for targeting jews since before the holocaust. These acts are not characteristic of any single area either. All throughout the world, jews are targeted and face discrimination from their neighbors. My last post regarding anti-semitic damage to property occurring in Philadelphia after the election mirror the images seen in the UK. Attacks such as spray painting a swastika on a window in the middle of the night and using an online profile to bully are characteristic of a coward. These anti-semites use their hidden voices to express their hatred and attack innocent people for no good reason other than attempts to display ones dominance. These acts of hatred and the people who commit them are sickening and a cancer to society.

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