Several antisemitic notes were left on people’s homes and cars in Chabad, Ca, on February 11th. Although this was an antisemtic act, the notes were randomly placed and didn’t target Jewish residents specifically. Surveillance footage of the purpatrators was taken and at least four teens were responsible.


First, based on the fact that the people who did this, drew the swastika incorrectly, they probably aren’t seriously antisemitic. Rather, they probably did the act for attention. However, clearly they knew what the swastika symbolized because on one of the papers left it says “You’re gonna burn,” which would refer to the cremation of Jews in the holocaust. Teens do a lot of stupid things and I think this was one of those. To me the fact that they drew the swastika wrong and didn’t even target Jewish residents specifically, means there wasn’t too much thought or planning. Those responsible should be found and punished to ensure residents know future acts of antisemitism won’t be tolerated.


Even though there are no political ties to this act I think these teens responsible did it because of the recent trend and sentiment regarding racism in the U.S. As we see with recent political action targeting Muslim immigrants, racism towards other minorities has also arose. The fact that there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes is strongly related to the example and lead of the current administration. With the introduction of presidential cabinet members into the U.S government that have ties to racist (Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, etc) groups and people, it’s no surprise Americans with and without racist beliefs feel that expressing racism is acceptable.


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