Vice President Pence Visits Jewish Cemetary


On Wednesday, Mike Pence visited a Jewish cemetery that desecrated recently. While at the cemetery, Pence helped clean up debris and called the destruction of 200 headstones, a “vile act.” On a more positive note, he thanked the local Jewish community for their strong and empowering response by saying those who gathered were “inspiring the nation by your love and care for this place, for the Jewish community, and I want to thank you for that inspiration — for showing the world what America is really about.”

After a couple months of the Trump administration doing next to nothing about the recent attacks on Jewish and Muslim communities, it’s positive to see acknowledgement like this by Vice President Pence. As a religious politician, Mike Pence knows the importance of religion to millions of Americans, so I’m not that surprised he came to the cemetery and spoke. Overall, I think this was the first genuine and heartfelt response by the Trump administration to support and speak out on the growing antisemitism.

Although it is nice to see those close to Trump acknowledge such disgraceful acts, I think it’s more important for Trump to be leading the charge against antisemitism and islamophobia (even though he promotes the latter). So far Trump has only made tweets, empty comments, or has completely disregarded questions on antisemitism. To often Trump puts himself at the center of attention while ignoring those who are being effected by the recent upsurge in racism. Hopefully, it won’t take a violent event in which lives are lost, in order to call Trump’s attention to this issue.


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