Thing’s We Should Know About Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka, our current deputy assistant to the President, has faced some rather serious critics lately as information as come forward in his connection to antisemitic groups and writings. The biggest concerns surround his ties to Hungary’s antisemitic far-right. Gorka was born in London to Hungarian emigres who fled Communism. Later he returned to Hungary and spent time worked under the current right-wing nationalist prime minister Viktor Orbán. His connections grew further to far right movements Lili Bayer, from Forward, explained starting in 2007. Gorka at this time, “co-founding a political party with former prominent members of Jobbik.” This specific party was well-known for its history of antisemitism. Jobbik also published numerous articles in a newspaper known for its antisemitic and racist content. Alarming as this is, it only gets worse.

Back on January 20th, at the inaugural ball of President Donald Trump, Gorka was spotted wearing a medal of Nazi Collaborators. Supporting such an item is a clear example of his lack of apathy for the Jewish people. Gorka is a smart man and knew exactly what it meant to support such an article. However, when asked to comment recently on the issue he stated, “if you say eight centuries of history can be eradicated by 18 months of fascist distortion of symbols, you’re losing historic perspective.” It’s very disheartening to see a man of such power support such ignorance.

Since Gorka now plays a vital role in US politics, it’s alarming to many that such predominant connection exist. Many question his ability to be an unbiased advisor when he has such close connection to antisemitic factions. One journalist for the New York, Jesse Singal,  put it perfectly. “Under normal circumstances the Forward story would be enough to jeopardize the position of a top-tier White House adviser. Then again, under normal circumstances someone like Gorka would only have access to the White House if he signed up for a tour.”

Published by:  Forward February 24, 2017

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