Swastikas, Racial Slurs Painted in Suburb on New York

A February 26th article by Haaretz discussed an antisemitic graffiti incident that occurred at a play ground in Buffalo, New York and in the suburb by the school. According to the article, swastikas and racial

This is an image of the graffiti that was painted on a elementary school in Buffalo, New York (Image from TWC News/Buffalo)

slurs were painted over multiple cars, buildings and an elementary school playground in a neighborhood called Oak Park. Over 12 residents of the Oak park┬áreported seeing antisemitic graffiti on their property. However, the article did not go into detail about what kinds of racial slurs were written. Like the article said, I find the vandalism at the school playground awful because that is a safe place where little kids go to have fun with their families or classmates. The article went on to say that security footage by the school is being examined by the police so they can try to find the perpetrators. In light of this antisemitic attack, a Go Fund me page has been created to pay for the cleanup of the elementary school playground. This kind of reminds me about what happened at the St. Louis Jewish Cemetery last week. After the graves were desecrated by the perpetrators, I saw that the local St. Louis Muslim community started a Go Fund Me page to help pay to fix the graves. Although the vandalism and graffiti is terrible, it is good to see people throughout various communities stepping up and fighting back. I found the elementary school’s Go Fund Me page and just in one day people have donated almost 2,000 dollars. In total, the school is going to need around 5,000 dollars to rid themselves of the graffiti.



Sommer, Allison. Swastikas, Racial Slurs Spray-painted in Buffalo, New York Suburb, Haaretz, 26 Feb. 2017. Accessed 27 Feb. 2017.

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