Anthony Scaramucci Hints at Democrats Being to Blame for JCC Bomb Threats

Close friend of President Trump and American entrepreneur/financier/author Anthony Scaramucci has come out with tweets recently that hint at Democrats being the true cause of the increased JCC bomb threats. An article posted by NBC News on March 1, 2017 at 2:16 am posted three of his tweets regarding the bomb threats. Scaramucci went to twitter to complain about how Democrats were infamously all too present as protestors during Donald Trump’s rallies before the election took place. Scaramucci’s tweet which sent readers up in arms read “Its not yet clear who the #JCC offenders are. Don’t forget @TheDemocrats efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies”. In this tweet, it is clear that the author is trying to link the fact that the bomb threats have caused an unsettling throughout the country and that the Democrats were known to do the same during Trump rallies.

This tweet reads ridiculously. Scaramucci is trying to relate protests held by Democrats at Republican rallies to anti-semitic life threatening anonymous calls. Scaramucci has gone to twitter more than once in defense of Donald Trump and seemingly condemning those who would consider the President’s actions to be harmful. He has defended Trump and said that he cannot be blamed for the uptick in anti-semitism, which I agree with. Donald Trump is not being blamed by anyone for his direct actions against Jews, except for his outrageously disrespectful handling of a Jewish reporter. Donald Trump may not have incited the increase in anti-semitism directly, but one would have to be a fool to ignore the relationship between Trump’s actions regarding minorities and the increase in national outward racism and anti-semitism. Anthony Scaramucci’s tweet is utterly absurd and ignorant. He is creating a conspiracy of the Democrats using Trump’s vulnerability against anti-semitism to incite more national fear. These kinds of actions seem disturbingly similar to Jewish persecution in a much more barbaric and uneducated time when the Jews were blamed for everything.

Siemaszko, Corky. “Trump Ally under Fire for Tweet about Anti-Semitic Acts.” NBCUniversal News Group, 01 Mar. 2017. Web. 02 Mar. 2017.


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