False Flags of Antisemitism

Recently, President Donald Trump has suggested that attacks against Jewish Community Centers and Jewish cemeteries may be the exact opposite of of antisemitism.  Instead, Trump suggests that the recent increase of actions against Jews may be a personal attack against himself.  I do not know how Trump has managed to make these specific cases a personal attack on himself, but once again the bullshit artist has succeed.  It is evident that the increase in antisemitic attacks is due to the free rain that Trump is providing to antisemites.  According to the Washington Post, President Trump believes that some of the antisemitic attackers may even be democrats trying to stir up trouble, which is absolutely ludicrous.  Trump’s beliefs on the matter are so childish that it sounds like a make believe game only a five year old would think up.  Not only should the people of this country be ashamed of these accusations, but most importantly someone on Trump’s team needs to inform their boss that he should be disgusted of himself for such accusations.  These string of antisemitic attacks will not be the end, so it is very important that Trump finds a better response to the attacks before the next one occurs because, next time, the democrats are responsible will not cut it.  The president is suppose to set an example for the country and if this is Trump’s version of an example, we should all make sure that our passports are up to date and ready to go.

Washington Post 

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