Surge of Antisemitism

The increase in antisemitic acts around the country should be a real wakeup call for the people who choose to ignore the recent trend.  Hate in America is ever evolving, it tends to go from one group of people to another as the times change. According to The Washington Post, acting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called the recent trend down right reprehensible.  Over the last few weeks there have been numerous attacks ranging from cemetery desecration to shots fired in a synagogue.  Personally, I did not hear anything about the gunshots in the synagogue, but it appears that the story is indeed true and the events occurred in the state of Missouri.  The FBI is investigating the event and the official statement is that they will provide updates once they know more.  The only way that the increase in antisemitism can be dealt with is if the leader of this country introduces a plan to fight and combat those who intend to harm the Jewish community.  Trump’s every evolving views on antisemitism only allow the offenders to continue offending.  The President is an icon for people to look up to, and currently Trump is playing the part of an idiot, so therefore, a select few of people are copying the President’s actions and are recking havoc against the Jewish people.  Antisemitic is not a role the people of this country should look up to, therefore it is up to the President to release a statement and set his views on the matter in stone.

Washington  Post 

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