Donald Trump Nazi Poster

While Donald Trump may not be as aggressive against antisemitism as most would prefer, there is no reason for an immature person to make a billboard comparing Donald Trump to a Nazi.  Donald Trump did not kill six million Jews and did not have any responsibility in the evolution of the Holocaust.  This information was brought to light by the official Anne Frank Center twitter.  The account made it very clear that they do not stand for this sort of propaganda and civil rights abuse.  The sign depicts of a picture of the acting president, Donald Trump, in front of a red background and directly to his side is a money sign that bares a resemblance to a swaztika.  There are more than enough problems in the world right now, and some idiot who thinks its informative or even funny to post a board with Trump and Nazi rhetoric is just a disgrace to the entire country.  I believe that advertisement such as this board will do nothing but help encourage further actions that will not only hurt the entire Jewish community but the country as a whole.  Antisemitism is a form of hate that has to be pulled up from the roots, simply picking the leaves will not help.  If you pull the weed and do not get the root, another event or antisemitic situation is bound to occur again.  I know I say this a lot on these posts, but if the country’s leadership would just denounce antisemitic hate, then that could serve as the beginning for a drastic decrease in hate crime.

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