Trump Sends 12 FBI Agents to Israel for JCC Bomb Threat Suspect

This is a picture of the Israeli-American teen, arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers worldwide (Haaretz).

An article by Haaretz, published on March 26th 2017, stated that Trump sent 12 FBI agents, from the cybercrime unit, to Israel to assist the Israeli investigation of the JCC bomb threat suspect. The person suspected of calling in hundreds of bomb threats to JCC a crossed America is a 19 year old Israeli- American from the city of Ashkelon. As of now, the suspect is using his right to keep quiet and, according to the article, the suspect “has so far refused to talk about anything except the fact that he is sick.” (Kubovich) Police are having a difficult time breaking into the suspects computers, but they hope they will get access to them soon. The police have determined that the suspect would call in a bomb threat and then watch the news to see the kind of affect it had on the community and country. If he saw that the threat was given a lot of attention, he would make similar calls to other JCC’s close by. The police said that the suspect had made even more threats, but the news never reported them and moved on to other places where he made threats. According to the article, he had started calling in threats over various places in Israel over two years ago. However, in 2017 he focused on American JCC’s because they attracted the most attention. ¬†Currently, there has been no request by the FBI for extradition and Israeli forces said they would accede if a request is made. I think the USA should ask for extradition and I think, if convicted, the 19 year old should be harshly punished. The article said that the teens mother is working on producing documents that proves the 19 year old has health problems, and therefore cannot be held responsible for his actions. I have a hard time believing that because it sounded like this was a premeditated plan and he has done it all over the world for years. However, if he does have certain health issues, I think his parents should be punished because, if he could not understand what he was doing, they should have known better and stopped him.

Kubovich, Yaniv, and Almog Ben Zikkri. Trump Pushed FBI to Nab Israeli-American Suspect in Bomb Threats on Jewish Centers, Haaretz, 26 Mar. 2017. Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.






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