Can Jews Be Antisemitic?

The recent arrest of the teenage Israeli citizen and his link to bomb threats of more than 100 Jewish institutions has many now posing the question, can Jews be antisemitic? Forward covers this issue in their recent article, What Happens When Jewish Anti-Semitism Causes Terror, and claims that this development is a “blind spot in our understand of antisemitism” (Eisner). I found this was very interesting because, this was something we had covered in class briefly and hadn’t really came to a definite conclusion. The article claims that the emergence of this instance of Jews terrorizing other Jews is something we have seen before and is rooted in the political context of the period, and in this case the election of Donald Trump. They compared it to the “tragic 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and its creation of a crazed ideological opponent” (Eisner). An important message this article shares is that while we might have an answer to the bomb threats, other domestic threats still remains. The defacing of the cemetery in Philadelphia and the vandalism of a New York subway are still very real events without answers and this arrest shouldn’t take away from the reality of these incidents. The author, Jane Eisner, ended by stating that the arrest of this Israeli teenager can teach us all a lesson in avoiding jumping to conclusions and that no group is immune from the terror within. This lesson is important in the current American context for all minorities facing terror from in and outside of their communities. It is my hope that we can look back to this issue and further discuss how terror from within can effect public discourse and fear.

Published by Forward , March 26th 2017:

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