Antisemitic fliers on Auburn’s campus

ABC affiliate TV news station WRBL in Columbus, Georgia reported on April 12 that a new hate group at Auburn University, calling itself the White Student Union, had put up fliers around the Auburn campus. The fliers bore messages such as “Will you disobey the anti-Christian, top secret, Noahide Laws?” Another poster had images claiming to be from a secretive anti-Christian, Jewish handbook. WRBL also claimed to have found the White Student Union’s website, which read “we expect to be able to find common ground with secular Arabs who oppose Zionism and Islamism, black people who are horrified by ghetto culture, and Asian Americans who have been victimized by diversity shakedowns.”
These posters are intriguing because they seem to blend Christian identity based antisemitism with their discussion of the Noahide Laws. These laws do not mention Christianity but perhaps the implication of the flier is that there is something more to them than is commonly known? The posters also blend this older form of antisemitic rhetoric with newer types of rhetoric such as the idea of a Jewish conspiracy, as we have studied in class when learned about the protocols of the Elders of Zion. As is typical of many of the incidents documented on our blog, the people who posted the fliers are seeking anonymity. While many of the incidents we document are web based, and the perpetrators rely on that medium to remain unknown these perpetrators are using a physical medium to spread hate. Seeking anonymity when spreading hate is not new, but is perhaps more common with the advent of the web.

Alleged hate group spreads anti-Jewish fliers around Auburn University campus

(article had accompanying video but no photo)

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