Antisemitic Vandalism at Church, Jewish Center

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Police in Fairfax, Virginia has traced antisemtic tweets and vandalism to 20 year-old Dylan Mahone. Swastikas and other Nazi related symbols were spray painted on to a church and Jewish community center. Mahone was also responsible for distributing antisemtic flyers on a local community college campus. According to police, they were able to track Mahone through surveillance videos and his anonymous twitter accounts. The content Mahone released in the flyers he distributed matched the tweets he anonymously posted. Unfortunately (but purposefully), these incidents happened during passover, however the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is has come closer together.


This incident of antisemtic speech , through the use of twitter and flyers, and vandalism is much more planned and extensive than other incidences I’ve read about. Mahone’s actions go as far as distributing antisemtic flyers, showing his antisemtic stance was no joke. Based on the fact that the content in his flyers and the tweets he posted matched each other, there’s a good chance he had a hand in creating the imagery and content involved. Unlike other acts of antisemtism, which trace the people responsible for a single antisemtic act, in this case Mahone’s antisemtic behavior could be traced to two different sources. It seems as though antisemtic vandalism tends to come from the younger generation of high school and college students. I’m not sure if it’s because parts of the younger generation are genuinely becoming radicalized or because younger people tend to do stupid and thoughtless things.



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