Antisemitic Voicemail left for Librarian

The article that I found this week covers an extremely cruel and unfortunate event that occurred at Washington University in St. Louis. Published on April, 10th by, the articles says that an antisemitic voicemail was left for a university librarian after she helped organize an exhibit on the Holocaust at a nearby museum. The story just recently came to light through a project being conducted by the Huffington Post called “Documenting Hate.” While the content of the message is not all explicitly quoted in the article, some of it is and the article says it was extremely profane. The person who left the message¬†questioned why certain facts of the Holocaust are not allowed to be disputed. Many other antisemitic statements the caller made were also stated in the article. Amongst these, the caller stated that some European countries have laws against discussing the Holocaust and that this wouldn’t need to be the case if the Holocaust had actually happened as people claim it did. He also asserts that Jews were responsible for the slave trade and have blamed white people for it, explicitly stating that Jewish people are not white. This incident is obviously extremely antisemitic and explicitly targets Jewish people and certain aspects of their history. It connects to how¬†antisemitic people have often portrayed Jews as deceitful and playing the victim. Aside from that I believe that the claims the caller made are not true or at least severely manipulated in order to delegitimize Jewish people and their history.

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