Antisemitic Flyers disseminated in Brooklyn

This is an image of the flyer that was passed out (Image from @Jewishreporter on Twitter).

An April 17th, 2017 article by Forward stated that a man driving through the area of Williamsburg, on his motorcycle, threw antisemitic flyers all over the street at night. In addition to the dissemination of physical copies, an anonymous source also uploaded the image online. The flyer harshly illustrates many of the antisemitic stereotypes that we have discussed over the semester. It shows Holocaust related messages including images of swastikas, references to gas chambers, and it also has Holocaust denial phrases. The flyer has a bolded sentence that says “Question: How Long can the Jews Perpetuate the Holocaust Myth?” The flyer also illustrates old stereotypes, such as Jews having large noses and that they are a race of “born nation wreckers!.” Anti-zionism can be seen in the top left corner of the page. It depicts Israeli cynically looking at a Palestinian child, while other Palestinians are being held captive in a “Gaza Ghetto”. The flyer also calls Jews “kikes” and says that the Jews are ruining “white culture” all over the world because they are pumping their myths and lies into it. According to the article, Williamsburg is home to a large population of Orthodox European Jews. The perpetrator of the act was not identified because they were wearing a dark black helmet. However, it is clear that who ever did this put a lot of time into it because it looks like all of the images are hand drawn. This flyer is probably one of the most graphic and threatening form of antisemitic graffiti I have seen over the semester. It illustrates almost every form of antisemitism we have seen ranging from racial antisemitism to new antisemitism.

Soloman, Daniel. Motorcyclist Dumps Anti-Semitic Fliers In Jewish Williamsburg , Forward, 17 Apr. 2017. Accessed 17 Apr. 2017.

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