Jared Kushner Hate

Jewish people have been the target of hate ever since history has been written, but many would not have expected the hate to stick around for so long.  The current wrath of antisemitism has proven to go along with the recent election of Donald Trump.  While it is never good for a leader to be titled antisemitic, it does not help the situation when the administration around the leader is now the target of antisemitic rhetoric.  Donald Trump’s right hand man, and family member Jared Kushner is the target of a recent online antisemitic campaign that is pushing for his resignation.  According to News week, the majority of antisemitism that is aimed at Jared Kushner has to do with Kushner’s Jewish supremacist views.  I believe that this whole situation is not only ridiculous but also immature.  Words are words, and the ideas of a group of antisemites is not going to force a member of the Trump team to resign.  What is the point of these people wasting their breath and effort on preaching their hate when it is not going to change anything.  To go back to childhood, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  It is time for the American people and the American government as well to grow up and stop acknowledging this speech.  The best way for this antisemitic rhetoric to stop is for the media to stop paying attention to it, there is more important issues than the ideals of a few immature people.


News Week

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