Capitals of Anti Semitism in Europe

This article published by Giulio Meotti on April 17,  in the Arutz Sheva, describes Europe’s 4 capitals of anti semitism. The author starts by stating that as a non Jew he wants Jewish people to stay in Europe because without them Europe would suffer but also warns them to leave and come to Israel where things are better. Geneva is the first European capital of anti semitism mentioned, it is the home of the UN Human Rights Council. This place is anti semitic due to their treatment of the Israel and trying to blacklist the country. The next place is Paris, Paris has the largest Jewish community in Europe, there blatant attacks on Jews by Muslims and cemetery desecrations are happening at a heightened pace through the last ten years. The next city is London, London’s anti semitic happenings are in universities where Jewish students feel unsafe to attend. The last city Brussels is labeled as anti semitic because of the amount of anti semitism directed at Israel. The European Union that is based there approved putting marks on Israeli imported products which the author compares to Jews being forced to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust. Having seen over the course of the semester the rise of antisemitism in Europe has been startling, this article seemed to have a more Israeli sense of anti semitism while many of the articles I had used up to this point had been more hate speech based. This article was published by an Israeli based news source which could account for the harsh tone.

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