Biker hands out anti-Semitic cartoons

On April 16th, 2017 the New York Post says that there was a biker who was handing out antisemitic cartoons around the area of Orthodox Williamsburg. These messages consisted of swastikas and anti-Semitic cartoons from the back of his hog. A citizen of Williamsburg was quoted  saying “It’s painful to see that during Passover. It’s always painful,” said Williamsburg native Moses Moskowitz, 25, who didn’t see the incident firsthand. “It brings back memories from my parents and grandparents who saw those things during WWII.” The flyers contained the Nazi symbol alongside racist cartoons and captions describing Jews as “born nation-wreckers” who are perpetuating the “Holocaust myth.” Biker hands out anti-Semitic cartoonsBiker hands out anti-Semitic cartoonsImage resultThey also had a drawing that was “Qvickly! Qvickly! Ve must keep ze lid on! Ze truth is gedding out!” one man wearing a Star of David is shown saying. This man has not been caught and the NYPD classified this as a hate crime and are looking further into it. Agreeing with what people in the article said, i do not get how people just wake up and say i am going to go out in public and spread all of this hate around my community. I am unsure of whether this event was inspired by the holiday of Passover, or if it was a random act, but i hope the NYPD does not just push this to the side, but take action to catch this guy, and prosecute him. I also wonder how serious the charges would be or if it would be more of a slap on the wrist.

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