Neo-Nazi Sued


Andrew Anglin, founder of prominent neo-Nazi website, was sued by the SPLC this week for the role he played in organizing a harassment campaign against a Jewish woman and her family. According to, the family has received more than 700 anti-Semitic messages since December. Anglin’s website, The Daily Stormer, posted contact information and family pictures, starting the harassment campaign with “Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO- it’s that time fam.” The harassment for the Gersh family began immediately, receiving messages such are “thanks for demonstrating why your race needs to be collectively ovened” and “We are going to track you for the rest of your life.” These messages also included deeply disturbing images such as a drawing of the Gersh family being gassed. Anglin even went so far to attempt to plan an armed march with the final destination being Gersh’s home.

The idea of such a strong hatred to the point of being able to motivate an group of people to say and do such disgusting and unimaginable things shows how set anti-Semitism is in some peoples beliefs. This kind of hate is fueled by pure ignorance and hatred, and with our current political climate these kinds of occurrences are appearing more often. Anglin’s website is very pro-trump and do many acts of hatred in his name. This is why it is so important for Trump and his administration to condemn acts of anti-Semitism and stress that importance.





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