Ann Arbor Hate Group

A local group of protestors notorious for meeting at Temple Beth in Ann Arbor have official been listed as a hate group compiled by the Southern law center.  According to Michigan Daily, Deir Yassin Remembered is the only group targeting a Jewish house of worship anywhere in the United States.  Deir Yassin Remembered is the name of the Holocaust denials that protest every week at Temple Beth in Ann Arbor.  The main reason for the official listing of the protestors as a hate group is because over the years the group has begun to focus more and more on Holocaust denial.  It is important to note that these protests have been going on for decades.  The hate group’s name is a direct reference to a massacre that occurred in 1948.  The massacre was initiated by a Zionist military group who targeted hundreds of Palestinian villagers.  One of the most absurd pieces of information about Deir Yassin is that one of their members is actual a “former jew.”  Obviously, former is a word directly from the former jew himself, Henry Herskovitz.  I believe that this hate group is one of the fundamental problems of this country.  Technically, their actions of protest is legal, but in all honesty, what the hell is the point?  Alright, you sit outside a Jewish temple and confront each Jew as they make their way to temple, what is being achieved?  Instead of wasting your time and everybody else’s, how about they grow up and start to make positive contributions to society.


Michigan Daily

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