Princeton University Antisemitic Fliers

The article I am writing about this week was posted by on April 21st, 2017. It describes an incident that took place at Princeton University earlier this week. Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life and a few other buildings were the target of antisemitic and racist fliers. Callers reported a masked individual taping fliers to buildings late Thursday night. The exact message on the fliers is yet to be released but it says they contained the phone number and name of a white nationalist organization along with other antisemitic messages. Thursday, April 20th was also the Birthday of Adolf Hitler and that is likely a contributing factor for when the incident took place. On the same day, Vanguard America, a white nationalist group posted a message that targeted Jewish Princeton students and showed  a picture of Hitler with a birthday hat. Both of these incidents seem to be extremely antisemitic, but I am a little disappointed in this school/website for not being more clear about the content of the tweets and fliers. While I understand why they may choose not to disclose the contact information of the group who was behind these events, I think there is importance to sharing the content of what was said. I say this because although it can be disheartening (and unfortunately inspiring for antisemitic individuals), sharing what is said can help create an understanding that this is a serious problem and that antisemitism is very much alive. It can also show how Jewish students still face frequent discrimination, even at the most prestigious Universities in the country.

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