Ted Nugent Invited to the White House

Washed-up wacko rocker Ted Nugent visited the White House Wednesday, April 19 alongside Sarah Palin and Kid Rock. The tour of the house was then followed by an intimate dinner with the President. Nugent, having once been investigated by the secret service for posting threatening and hate filled messages about former President Obama on social media, was welcomed the White House with open arms despite his consistent racism and anti-Semitism. Nugent has a long history of ranting on twitter about whatever bigoted statements are running around his head. He has posted complaints about the Jews taking away his guns, as well as having continuously attacked Obama and Hilary Clinton, making himself look like a cyber-bullying high-school aged conspiracy theorist hate monger. His online propaganda has hit both twitter and Facebook, so intensely that he was visited by secret service agents to investigate the threats he made against the former leader of the free world.

Ted Nugent has a right to say and post whatever he wants, despite ruining his reputation to anyone with common sense. The NRA member’s status flipped drastically in the span of a year: at one time regarded by our government as a potential security threat, and at another an honored guest of our current President. As stated, Nugent can say and do what he wants, but under no circumstances should such a man ever be welcomed to spend time and dine with the President of the United States in his home. Trump inviting Nugent speaks volumes to his morals and what kinds of company he likes to keep. Although, Trump and his cabinet do have a history of posting racist and anti-Semitic content on social media, so Nugent and our President most likely had a lot of shared interests to discuss over dinner.



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