Antisemitic Critic Tricks Critics into Raising Money for him


Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running for City council in Upper Manhattan, New York. Part of Lopez Pierre’s promise to potential voters is to stop “greedy Jewish landlords from committing ethnic cleansing against blacks.” Many local Jews have called for Pierre-Lopez’s dismissal from the democratic party. Pierre-Lopez started a GoFundME page, against himself. The GoFundMe page titled, Stop Thomas Lopez-Pierre Hate Campaign, raised over $5,000. The money that was raised was thought to be used in ad campaigns against Lopez-Pierre, however the money would go into Lopez-Pierre’s campaign funds.

Lopez-Pierre posted a video on his campaign website of himself standing outside fellow city council candidate, Mark Levine, claiming him and Upper Manhattan is controlled by Jewish landlords who are trying to push out blacks and hispanics. The funds  raised on GoFundMe are frozen and an investigation is underway.


This has to be one of the most deceitful things I’ve seen in politics. To start a misleading GoFundMe page and think you can get away with it is beyond comprehension. Also to show up at a your opponent’s office and spew such antisemitic hatred is disrespectful and uncalled for. As far as his position in the democratic party is concerned, he should be immediately expelled. I’m surprised this type of antisemitic rhetoric is coming from the left (when it’s not related to Israel), especially in an racially integrated urban area. Considering much of Upper Manhattan has Jewish residents, it was pretty stupid and insensitive to use antisemitic language to get votes.


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