“Anti-Semitic graffiti top hate crime on NYC subway this year”

The article that I found regarding antisemitism was published by Cleveland Jewish Times on April 26, 2017. The article discusses the unfortunate rise in antisemitic graffiti in New York. Specifically, the article states that antisemitism has been the most popular form of hate crime found on New York City subways so far this year. The article says that 22 of 31 hate crimes that took place on subways in the city this year specifically invoked antisemitic imagery or threatened jews. This is a big rise from last year when only seven incidents happened over the same time period. One of the incidents in which antisemitic graffiti was found went viral when a group of commuters joined together to erase the hateful message. Jared Nied, the leader of the effort, even received an award from the ADL for being a stand-up citizen. While that specific incident was somewhat uplifting, the underlying problem is still clear. The rise in antisemitic incidents is very real, and has continued both in and outside of New York City. Many of the specific incidents that have happened on the New York subways make reference to the holocaust and nazism for seemingly no reason. Graffiti likes this is seemingly an attempt to make it seem as if Jews are a burden to society or are inherently worse than others. This is a sentiment that was extremely influential during the holocaust, and is extremely bigoted. To see that these ideas still exist and continue to be influential is terrible. Hopefully people will do all they can to prevent these incidents in the future.



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