Kansas State University

Even on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anti-Semites at Kansas State University continue to spread hate across their campus. A poster illustrating a pyramid of people was posted on a telephone pole on campus that stated “Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege. Is the 1 percent straight white men? Or is it Jewish?” Recent weeks have showed a significant increase of incidents targeting many minority groups on Kansas State University’s campus, focusing on the LGBTQ community and African-Americans. The president of Kansas State University released a statement on April 24th, “These few, random incidents should be kept in perspective,” Myers wrote. “The K-State family is committed to diversity and inclusion and should not be influenced by these isolated incidents. We don’t know who has distributed these missives, or why. But we do know they don’t represent the values of the K-State family.” I think this was a very odd response to this situation. There was no mention of finding the instigator(s) or promising a higher level of dedication to preventing future hate on their campus. From his message it sounded like these incidents are not being taken as seriously as they should be. He seems to stress that this is not a representation of everyone and is more worried about that than actually putting a stop to Antisemitism on their campus. He mentions how these incidents are few and random, which is missing the point that they should not be happening at all. I think the reaction to hate on campus should always be taken seriously as a matter of safety for all students.


Anti-Semitic poster hung at Kansas State U on Holocaust Remembrance Day

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